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video game: guru-guru
Finally! Here are the patterns for the Legend of Zelda blocks that I did!

You can either click each individual picture to go to that certain pattern to go to the whole gallery

If you do make them, let me know, send me a pic or something. :D

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Yay for you! I know nothing about Zelda, though Gareth says your patterns ROCK!

Yay! Approval from video game players is awesome. :D

He's not easy to impress...but he gets the quilting, so that's a bonus. ;)

The Majora's Mask is freaking awesome! I love them all!

Wow! These are awesome. I was in love with Zelda and played it non-stop. Did you say that these are for a quilt? I would totally buy a quilt like this, lol.

They might be for a quilt. Not sure yet. If I come up with a bunch more patterns I might make blocks for a quilt. I think these blocks are going to become a wallhanging of some sort. :D

You're on!

I'll add the larger images later...when my brain is no longer dead!

Thank you so much for unlocking this post. I love all of your work and I can't wait to piece something together with these! <3

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