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I should be sleeping but...
big bang theory: smiling sheldon
I had a long nap earlier and drank a giant rockstar, so it's 4:30am and I'm still awake. charming_goats will be here in about 4 hours for a ridiculous thing I signed up for (I will post about it after) so I should be sleeping, but cannot do so. It's been aaaaaages since I did a craft post, so I thought I would dump some awesome onto your face this morning.

Pattern by ofenjen and is available here
Contessa's Canoe

Inspired by a post on Texts from last night, this cross stitch has been getting quite a lot of attention. Since I uploaded it on Tuesday, it has had 425 views and was even posted on a philosophy blog.
This is really not the time to pretend we have morals

Based on the youtube logo
Home Sweet Home

This needlebook is my entry for hp_paperpiecing's Shrinking Solution Challenge. I should have taken a picture with a quarter or something to show exactly how small it is. It's 2x3" and absolutely adorable.
Wand Needlebook

Tiny Needlebook

Finally, this is an awesome new pattern from ofenjen. Not 100% pleased with the fabric I chose for the very top, but this block turned out just wonderful. Lots of pieces and tons of time, but well worth it! You can get the pattern here.

I also talk about crafty stuff each week in my Talk to me Tuesday videos, which you can see on my youtube channel. I would post them here, but I can never think of anything important or clever to say other than, "HERE'S A VIDEO I DID, LOOK AT MY FACE."

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(Deleted comment)
Oh yes, I've been getting way too much sleep now. :P

love it all!!!
The TARDIS came out awesome! I can't wait to attempt it.

It is super easy. Lots of pieces, but it comes together really easily.

The TARDIS is awesome, omg. :D I like it when you post your crafty stuff!

I wanted to ask - who was the YouTuber you wanted to send the Home Sweet Home one to? Just curious, don't feel like you have to tell me if you don't want to. :D

Thank you. I really don't do enough posts here since I like to imagine everyone stalks me online and sees everything I upload, lol.

I was thinking about sending it to pogobat since he regularly shares his PO Box with the world, but then I was thinking one of the vlogbrothers (because I'm sure their PO box is somewhere), and another one I'd really like to send it to is wheezywaiter, but as far as I know he's never given a PO Box. I seem to have a fixation on hilarious male vloggers. :P

everything came out great the needle book is simply stellar!

Your needle book is awesome! I can't really say that I want it to win...because I'm hoping to enter the Shrinking Solution contest as well, but your entry is fantastic!

Ooh, I can't wait to see your entry!

Craft Spam SQUEE!

I think you should subtitle all your TTMT videos "Here's a video I did, look at my face." That would be fantastic...

The title of my video tomorrow is going to be LOOK AT MY FACE! XD

Love the crafty goodness! The needlebook is fantastic!

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