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From Fabric Friday to Show-Off Saturday
big bang theory: smiling sheldon
Want to see how the project using the piles of green and pink fabric turned out?

Quilted Close up

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Outside

I made a major mistake while working on it, but rather than explain it all here I'll be talking about it on my TTMT video in a couple of days. Okay, now that I'm done with this I AM GOING TO BED. *yawns*

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It's beautiful! The colors look great together :D

honestly when You said you where going to use green and hot pink I thought it would clash horribly. But I really like how it turned out. I kind of love the colors :P

lol, I wear hot pink and green a lot, and have shoes that are hot pink and neon green, so I've always liked how they looked together. :D





(just came back to look at it again)

lime and hot pink are my two favorite colors, and with black, well - it's just OH!

I love it!

Yay! Thank you so much! I can't stop looking at it/holding it because I'm so insanely proud I made it (this was the first time I ever did a binding like this).

(Deleted comment)
I fixed it as best I could, so thank you for not seeing it. :D

That came out great... I love the color scheme!

You did an AWESOME job! *squee*

Thanks! I am so very glad you approve!! :D

you are such a fast worker!

That is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!
I love the green/pink color combo for Christmas but I think the design in the black makes it.

Thanks! In the future I figure it'll be easy to hang this rather than buy a bulky tree. I really don't care for x-mas trees.

Gorgeous! Totally YOU and totally amazing!!

LOVE it :D I also really really like the black fabric you used :D

Thanks. Yes, I loooove that black fabric. I used it as the background in all of my potion bottle blocks (and if I ever get around to getting it put together it'll be the sashing and border as well). I usually buy several yards of it at a time.

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