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Stitching and stuffs
quilt block, paper piecing, zombie, zombonnet sam
I just realized that there are a lot of people that don't watch my Talk to me Tuesday videos. I think this is because a) I don't post them here every week, b) you don't obsessively follow me on every social networking site, so you don't see all of the links, and c) not everyone has several minutes to sit and watch videos, we're all busy people. So I decided that I would share a project that I've only been sharing in my videos.

Several months ago I shared the pattern for my giant Deathly Hallows stitch, but haven't actually posted the photos anywhere. Here are all of my weekly photos in one convenient photo. Just for scale, it is about 6ish inches tall right now, and maybe 10,000 stitches done.

click to embiggen

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Awesome!!! I think this is the first time i've seen your folder cover too. Either that or i have a memory blank, which is equally as possible.

Love the colours for the Tree Trimming quilt too!

Huh, I thought I had posted it in the community way back when. I guess not. :P

You probably did. It's been a while

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