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I'm Dyin' Here!

In my Talk to me Tuesday this week I was wearing a white shirt (which is ridiculously abnormal because I only own two other white shirts), and I mentioned that I was going to be dying it for my "challenge" this week. I got the shirt, Call Forth the Strange and Embrace, from my favorite shirt site on one of their grab bag days (shirts are $5, but the only thing you get to choose is the size). It has an amazing design, but the shirt is white (which is the reason I didn't buy it even though it is gorgeous).

Call Forth the Strange and Embrace

I decided to dye it to match one of my favorite pairs of PJ pants (since I always get teefury grab bags in PJ shirt size), so I went and picked up some dye. I did the dye in the sink and had so much fun with it. It looked so cool. And yes, the water is steaming because it was supposed to be hot water.


After filling the sink with hot water, I spent the next 40 minutes constantly stirring and sinking the shirt into the dye.

Hot dye

The finished shirt is just gorgeous! I can now enjoy this grab bag shirt completely!

(Dyed) Call Forth the Strange and Embrace

And if anyone is curious, I used violet RIT dye. The picture below is the closest to the color of the shirt, and it's almost exactly the same color on the bottle.

The shirt and the dye

In the future I won't hesitate buying awesome white shirts, because now I know how easy they are to dye.
Tags: crafts, teefury
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