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Amazing make-up job!
doctor who: shaebay dalek
note to self: press the post button instead of just leaving this window open for hours and hours. :P

This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. A girl transforms herself into Jared Leto.

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That is so fucking beautiful. I want to give her a high five.

Same here. I wonder how long it took her to get it exactly perfect, because it is perfection.

Makes me want to go try man face again...

That is pretty incredible, but I thought she was really ot before the makeup..

I was all confused for a bit. My brain was all, "woah, he's hot, but wait, it's a lady, WHAT IS GOING ON?" XD

Wow, that was pretty awesome!

So does this mean Jared Leto would make a hot girl? ;P

I totally respect her skills. I wonder if she went out in public to see if she could fool the masses?

Jared Leto already does make a hot girl. XD

I think she could fool a lot of people. She has another video on her channel of her in Leto make-up and she has his mannerisms down really well.

lmao! true

It's a shame he isn't more main stream. She could have a side-job as an impersonator.

Is it normal that I'm turned on?

thanks for sharing! It's interesting to see her transformation to male. I had to look up Jared Leto as a compare.


very hawt guy.

This is getting around the internet fast. Creepy.

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