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Halloween Horror Nights 2010 Pictures
shaun - helloooo
Just a couple of pictures from Halloween Horror Nights and my review of this year's event.

Zombi Gras Scare Zone 5

Saws N Steam Scare Zone 5

Zomibie Awareness Program

Esqueleto Muerte Scare Zone 5

Esqueleto Muerte Scare Zone 1

The Coven Scare Zone 3

I want this costume!
Zombi Gras Scare Zone 4

Zombi Gras Scare Zone 11

This guy is a serious pimp
This guy is a pimp

Zombi Gras Scare Zone 2

And finally, a video of one of the trombone guys in Zombie Gras

the rest of the album is here

The event was pretty okay. There were a lot less people than there were last year, which might be due to the economy, but either way, it made it a lot better for those attending. The Bill & Ted show was amazing, as always, and it included a Doctor Who part (although I'm kind of sad that it was Ten and not Eleven, but the Ten they had looked pretty good). Most of the scare houses were pretty meh. I really loved Legendary Truth. Hands down the best scare house I've been in since the 2006 event.

A couple of the scare zones were really good, though. I loved Zombie Gras (Zombie Mardi Gras, you'll notice most of my pictures are from that area), I think they did everything right in that area. The Saws N Steam area was really great, but impossible to get a picture in. Esqueleto Muerte was bright and colorful. I would love to have some of the costume pieces from it.

I think the biggest problem they have is lack of new ideas. They keep recycling things that were popular in previous events and I just don't care to go through scare house history lessons.

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lolllll omfg flamingo chick is fabulous

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