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big bang theory: leonard whaaaat face
So tomorrow is going to be kind of scary. One of my co-workers got a job offer from a friend of hers, and since the pay is a couple of dollars more than she's making now, she is going to take it. On Thursday I helped her write her resignation letter. This means that I might be going from part-time (which barely pays my bills) to full-time. This would change my life drastically. I'd no longer be working from 10-3 (I would be there from 7-6), I'd be interacting with customers more (kind of a meh point, but hey), I'd most likely get a pay increase, and I would be getting full benefits and even more vacation time (although I've already racked up 2 weeks worth of vacation and 1.5 weeks of sick time in the 10 months I've worked there).

There is really nothing I can do right now but cross my fingers and hope for the best. Obviously I'd be doing a lot less crafting and barely be around online, but I'd rather make some damn money so I can pay for things than just be coasting by.

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Yay full-time employment potential!

By the way, I got your package. Apparently, dad didn't bring it in from the barn Saturday, so I opened it Sunday night. Pictures will be coming soon.

Also, everyone likes that Alot!

My fingers are crossed for ya!

Fingers and toes crossed. Losing crafty time sucks,but more money and benefits rocks!

Good luck, I hope you get it!

I'll say a prayer for you! Good luck!

Ohhhh Sooooooooo does this mean Gallifrey One is still an option? *bounces hopefully and crosses fingers too*

I think it might be, but not sure yet.




Huzzah! *crosses fingers, toes and anything else*

i'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you

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