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Birthday Stuffs
twilight: pom, pomegranate
I meant to make a post about this the other day, but I spaced it. Glad I did, because I have even more awesome stuff (said the most greedy girl ever). For my birthday this year I got some amazing stuff. From my parents I might be getting glasses but I'm not sure yet**, Kyle gave me The Doctor Who Visual Dictionary which is amazing, Heather got me The Oregon Trail Game (heck yes!) and the most amazing pomegranate scent from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and a couple of imps, and my sister Laci got me the coolest gift basket ever! It was filled with tons and tons of things - all pomegranate themed. <3

In the mail today I got Secretary and some art cards from plaidedbra (I loooooove this movie liek woah), and the ever fabulous ofenjen sent me something I almost bought for myself - patterns from her website! I've been thinking about buying A Little Haunted for quite some time, was contemplating how difficult Stellar Stripes would be do make, and I've got the full set of runes omg. I think my TTMT challenge this week might include one of the patterns! Also, I got about a million facebook wall comments, which proves that people I haven't talked to in years are aware of that I still exist despite my hermit personality.

**In the last post I said that I might be offered full-time. I was offered it today, but I don't officially have the job until it is approved by the mayor and city commissioners at the commission meeting tomorrow night. If they do approve me (the director of the public works department said there is no reason I wouldn't be) then I will have full benefits and all of that good stuff, which I believe includes vision insurance. I might get new glasses that way, but who knows..

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Oh!!! Happy Belated Birthday!! Super Congrats on the job offer! I hope all goes well with it being approved!

YAY on being offered, *crosses fingers on being approved*

and happy birthday *hugs*

Glad you had a good birthday, and hope you get good news about the job offer approval soon!

1. I'm so glad you had such an awesome birthday and awesome gifts!

Wow, a full time job offer is an awesome birthday gift!

SO happy you liked your gift...I had it all set aside and then forgot to mail it. At least it got there fast!

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a good one! And congratulations on the job offer... I hope it gets approved! *crosses fingers*

Congrats on the job =)

I love that movie. So very wrong.

Congrats on the job AND on the sale of your giant vagina!

This post is what inspired the gift. Also, the art cards (and vintage paper used for wrapping) came from crackedmoon (aka sycamore on tumblr)

Yay for rainbow ribbon!

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