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Meet TJ
doctor who: shaebay dalek
A few months ago our Dachshund, Little Bit, had extreme pain and movement issues and had to be put down. On the 15th, my mom's aunt Carol died, and her dog was offered to us.

So without further ado, here is the adorable TJ -

and because this picture is lolarious.

I still haven't managed to catch up with anything including LJ and my own horribly messy room (long story about how it got that way, but let's just say that I finally found my cellphone in the most lame spot ever), and I don't even know when I'll have a chance to record my TTMT video. Off to go get a few things done (hopefully).

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Ah, goggie!

And you found your cell phone after you got a new one? Isn't that the way...

Oh no, I was looking for my cellphone because I was getting a new one. :D

Gotcha! I thought you got a new one because you couldn't find the old one. That's been our life recently...G's cell phone never did turn up the last time he lost it.

D'awwwww! :3 HOW CUTE IS HE, OMG. ^_^ Yay puppies! I'm a kitty person, but I can appreciate the cuteness of puppies as long as they're not jumping/slobbering on me. :D

LOL WIENER DAWG!!! They always make me laugh because they waddle.

Little Bit, the one that died, waddled in the worst way. She was very spoiled by my late pa-paw and sometimes her belly would literally drag on the ground

I LOVE the lolarious one!!! It's SUCH a doggy face!!!

*giggles because my sister's name is also TJ...*

lol. I keep calling the dog Thomas Jefferson because charming_goats always calls him TJ

Oh my gosh... teh cuteness... it overwhelms!!

I think it's really sweet that you could adopt the "new" pup so soon after your other one passed. Has the noob helped with the grieving process any?

Also, you live with other people! That's so awesome! I haven't heard much about your family since I started pestering you, so it's cool to see the other characters over thar. I'd share a picture of my dad that I took, but I promised not to post it to the intarnets. (It's ok, I've got other pics of him :D)

I imagine he has. My parents and uncle were a bit weepy when we brought him home.

Yep! I live with my mom, dad, uncle, and brother. I shared our x-mas photo here last year or if you want to see my family through the years you can click here. :D

So sorry about Little Bit.

TJ is adorable, absolutely.

That is one of the cutest wee dogs ever!

Huge laughs at the last picture. It's a classic!

Sorry to hear about your dog, but I'm glad you were able to take the new one since his owner passed away.

Ps, that last pic is totally hilarious.

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