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doctor who: shaebay dalek
charming_goats and I have decided to go to the Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington DC, which means that I'm not going to get any crafting done *sob* or have very much sleep. *double sob*

It should be fun though (I hope!).

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I do love a good road trip!

Are you gonna sleep in the car? That really is a last minute road trip. Hope you can find the porta pottys easily!

Wow, how awesome! :D I hope you have a great time! ^_^

Lucky you! I wanted to go so bad, but I have to work all day today, so not only could I not go, I can't even watch it on TV today! :(

Take lots of pics. Are you bringing posterboard and giant sharpies to make some sane signs?

I wish I could have gone with you guys! Stupid homework, stupid money :(

i saw that rally on the news here!

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