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I went insane because I went to the Rally to Restore Sanity
himym: international businessmen
I meant to post here last night, but I was just exhausted (in fact, I'm still really tired and will be going to sleep as soon as I'm done writing this post). So anyway, the big giant event that I went to...

It was awesome, and horrible, and exhausting, and blargh, but so worth it. I really wanted to shut myself in the house this weekend and sleep and stitch, but I was debating with charming_goats whether or not I was going to Orlando for the HP Club's Halloween party. Rather than think about the party, Heather said she really wanted to just up and drive to Washington DC for the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. I said okay, and after a few super rushed hours (in which I took a test for a class, packed a tiny bag, and grabbed a little bit of food stuffs from the store that barely got touched) we were on the road. We left my house around 9pm, arriving in Springfield, VA at 10am (and if you saw my post on tumblr, you'll know that Heather hit a durr and the entire weekend I kept saying, "Hurr, I'm a durr.").

When we got there we were exhausted. Hell, when we had just barely left Ocala we were ready for lots and lots of sleep. If you've read the news reports about the amount of people there, think again. There were waaaaaay more people than you could imagine. So many people couldn't even make it onto the metro, and then even more people were milling around the city and the museums. The museum thing is what Heather and I decided to do. Maybe not so much decided though, I can't speak for her, but I was in a total fog the entire trip and I was very similar to a zombie. We didn't stick around for the rally because we had no hope of seeing the stage, the large screens, or even hearing it.

It was an amazing trip though. I think Heather said it best, so I'm just going to copypasta what she said - "Upon arriving home, I was tired, dirty, cranky, blind as a bat (dry, sleep-deprived plus contacts minus contact solution)... and I still think it was a good decision to go up there. Crazy? Yes. But worth it. One of those once-in-a-lifetime events. (Also, I got some amazing foursquare badges.)"

I'm not good at spontaneity, and random road trips are now on my Murtaugh List, but I'm so happy I went. I put pictures on flickr, but put a few of my favorites under this lj cut.

First, the only picture from the rally that I'm going to post - me with Pedobear! I look stupid in that sweater, I know. I stole it from Heather because I couldn't find my Hogwarts jacket and it was freaking freezing in DC (60 degrees!!!)
Me and Pedobear

Sitting around outside of the National Museum of American History, Heather commented that the woman's nipple was looking at her.
"That nipple is looking at me."

Science in the City: Ellen Swallow Richards - please tell me I'm not the only one who finds this funny? I thought it was hilarious when I was sleepy.
Science in the City: Ellen Swallow Richards

Speaking of things that I found insanely hilarious - pretending to be part of this display of random people.
Oh you guys, you're such kidders and we're having the best of times

Honesty time, I still think it's funny.

Here's Heather rocking it gangsta style
Heather rocks it gansta style

And me, chillin' with my homeboy
Chillin' with my scientist homeboy

Finally, my favorite picture of all - COWABUNGA, DUDE!
Cowabunga, dude!

The rest of the pics are on flickr.

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This may not be reassuring, given the tenuous (at best) grasp I have on reality, but I think those are hysterical! Especially Ellen Swallows Richards.

Yay! I wasn't sure if it was sleep deprived Shae that found it hilarious, or normally weird Shae. :D

Well, you've probably seen the crap I take pictures of and post, so like I said, I'm probably not the best judge :P

Heather and I were actually talking about your epic picture posts and how no one on the planet can be as hilarious as you are (yes, this conversation actually happened). :D

This makes me insanely happy.

Yay freezing at 60 degrees! Don't worry; pedobear will keep you warm... in the van.

Did you know we had snow here on Halloween? SNOW.

K recorded the rally off of Cspan since I had to work all day, and we were watching it Sunday and I kept scanning all the crowd shots for you two. Sounds like a fun and crazy time. Ah random road trips. Have you watched any of it since you got back? That crzy no rehearsal Kid Rock Sheryl Crow duet, what was that? She was so faking her way through that. They did a closeup as she was mumbling, it was quite amusing....

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