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Working my way back onto LJ and WHINING A WHOLE BUNCH
biting the phone
I took a 3 week hiatus from LJ (if you noticed). So now I'm slowly reading through everyone's journals. Not commenting though, because I don't want to be that creeper that comments on an entry that is several weeks old. With the longer hours that I'm working, I feel like I'm constantly trying to catch up with the internet. LJ falls by the wayside because I like to have a nice amount of time carved out to visit my f-list and comment on things. Since I haven't really had the time (work, school, DH and HP events, and trying to get my piece done for the Phat Quarter Swap), I just haven't been able to get myself on the site even though I think about what a terrible LJ friend I've been recently.

It's not just that, either. I feel like I'm just slacking everywhere, even at work, which is kind of ridiculous after receiving some really awesome praise from my supervisor, the head of my department, and the city manager. So yes, in order to avoid my petty problems I'm just going to shut up and say that I'll have my thoughts on Deathly Hallows and a little bit about an event at the WWoHP up tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

Ugh, and I really need to go to bed. I'd rather not wake up in 5 hours to get ready, but meeeeeh.

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Hugs. My cat died. =( I posted con pics and some art. Did domestic stuff and saw the hp movie.

*hugs* That's so crappy, I'm sorry!

It's always crazy when you get new duties at work and this time of year is crazy anyway. We know you're not avoiding us, just busy busy. Glad that work is going well and that you are getting more hours, I know that was something you were wanting.

Definitely. My first paycheck with the new hours and raise was a very awesome surprise.

I missed you, but yeah, real life can be a wiotch.

I too have not been keeping up on LJ, so I totally get where you are coming from with the "not being a good friend" bit. I, of course, never thought that of you though!
BTW-I have a surprise for you in my latest TTMT. I hope it makes it you smile!

Ooh, I'll keep an eye out for it when I watch videos tonight. :D

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