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As promised, here is my DH review (okay, not so much a review but a list of stuff I did and didn’t like) –

  • The Death Eater scene at the beginning. There’s a ton of baddies all around the table, and one spot open. Snape* whooshes in Voldemort is all “Omg, you can sit here so we can talk and possibly tickle each other during the meeting.” Also, I got the idea that the seat would have remained empty even if Snape never showed up, which is hilarious because Wormtail is just hanging out near the table, probably wishing he could sit down.
  • Can we just talk about the Death Eater scene some more? HOW AWESOME WAS EVERYBODY AT THE TABLE??
  • Seven Potters! I would have loved if this scene was longer. Daniel Radcliffe did an awesome job portraying each of the characters, my favorite was Dung. XD
  • Ginny’s dress. I’m sorry to disagree with most of you, but I found nothing wrong in it. It’s Ginny and she just wants Harry to think about her without clothes. Plus, if we didn’t have that moment we wouldn’t have seen Fred with a toothbrush in his ear (speaking of, why did he have his full ear left? The ear jokes aren’t as funny if he’s still got an ear).
  • How perfect was the Godric’s Hollow scene? The graveyard was heartbreaking, and Bathilda Bagshot was terrifying.
  • The Harry/Hermione dance of FRIENDSHIP. Everyone is complaining about it, and it sort of pisses me off, too, but for the most part the dance is perfectly friendly and adorable. I thought it was sweet and really shows the friendship between H and Hr.
  • Mary Cattermole’s trial was absolutely tragic. The line “It chose me” still makes me sad and very frustrated about the situation.
  • Almost forgot – NEVILLE! Cannot wait to see him part 2!
  • And my favorite thing – the animation in The Three Brothers story! They could have gone so many different routes and it could have been awful. They chose a style that is beautiful, spooky, and absolutely perfect. It wasn’t cartoony at all, and my mouth was hanging open through the entire thing.


  • Remember when wizard robes were a thing or when wizards were confused about proper muggle attire? They just threw that right out, didn’t they?
  • What happened to the lynx? I was really excited to see it and instead I we got a ball of light. :P
  • This falls under both great and not-so-great categories – lack of disguises/polyjuicing. Yes, they amount of polyjuice the used in the books was ridiculous, and I’m glad they toned it down for the movies (so the actors could actually play their characters), but it was kind of frustrating that they didn’t even bother to disguise Harry for the wedding or for their jaunt in Godric’s Hollow.
  • I think the memorial thing at the Potter’s house was important, and I’m sad they didn’t show it. It was a way to show that the wizarding world supported Harry.

And here is some squeeing about certain characters:
  • Umbridge – I seriously need a knitted cat scarf thing so I can make the outfit she was wearing in that scene. My god, it was horrible and amazing and so much better than I expected.
  • Scabior the sexy snatcher – Umm…I just require his attentions in the other room. Wizard Guyliner is awesome.
  • Lucius – His stringy hair really reminded me of Evan Stone as Captain Edward Reynolds. XD
  • Narcissa – Do I even have to say how much I hate her hair? Although I’d like to point out that comments about the Malfoys are only about hair. I’m so horrible. XD
  • Pius Thicknesse – I barely gave him any thought in the books, but now I’m really wanting to read some Thicknesse fanfic or see some fanart (if any of you can point me in that direction it would make me happy).
  • Reggie Cattermole – PERFECTION!
  • Yaxley – Eating Death, ur doin’ it right

*I cannot tell you how amused I am that most people mentioned how luxurious Snape’s hair looked.

As for the event I went to on Saturday night, I'll write about it tomorrow, I think. :D

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Come to the Dark Side. We have Garnier Fructis.

I think I found this icon sometime before the 4th movie came out

Haha, yep, I used to have that one. :D

Remember when wizard robes were a thing or when wizards were confused about proper muggle attire? They just threw that right out, didn’t they?

Y'know, I've always been okay with this on account of having always thought of the robes as ridiculously impractical. Plus apparently even pureblood kids (cf the Weasleys) can get the hang of Muggle clothing, so, what, do they just forget how to dress themselves when the Trace is lifted? Never made sense. Was only ever good for Archie's joke, really. ;)

I think the memorial thing at the Potter’s house was important, and I’m sad they didn’t show it. It was a way to show that the wizarding world supported Harry.

Especially since they didn't, like, explain the radio stuff, either. :/

I think such a big deal was made of dress robes in GoF (I see them more as a special event thing more than an everyday thing), so everyone in almost Muggle attire during the wedding gave me sadface (except the older wizards, they go full wizard crazy).

Being an old wizard or witch is clearly the same as being an old Southerner; there is nothing you can't get away with, and your kinfolk will just shrug and be like, "Yup, that happened." ;D

I was so happy with this movie. I spent something like 20 minutes typing IN ALL CAPS to my girlfriend about it ;)

I too loved the Three Brothers story. I thought it was very well executed and not something you'd expect from an HP movie.

Bathilda scared the crap out of me too!

So glad I'm not the only one who thinks that Scabior was sexy!

*makes crude joke about Scabior and uses the word 'snatcher' in an inappropriate way*

Too tired to think of a joke, so I'll leave it up to your imagination. :D

I will admit I definitely laughed aloud at Bill introducing himself. "I met a werewolf" or some such drivel... And how'd he meet Fleur anyway? There were things I missed, and things I kinda wondered why they left them in since they'd would make no sense with all the other stuff they left out, but my feeling throughout watching and afterward was nothin' but warm happies. Oh, and I cried within the first 5 minutes when Hermione obliviates her parents, and Miss P was patting me trying to make me feel better. "It's just a movie mom".

I cried 8 times during the movie, the hardest at the beginning and the end. That scene is just so tragic. *actually getting a bit misty thinking about it*

I totally agree with the Not-So-Great list.

One of my favorite additions was the scene with Hermione at the beginning. I bawled like a BABY.

SAME. I cried 8 times during the movie, and that was one of the hardest. I love how we got that glimpse into her home. *wibble*

I want to go again. Right now. With tissues.


ME TOO! And believe it or not LACI HASN'T SEEN IT YET! Mom and I went on Friday morning when I got home from Orlando, but Laci has a back issue where she hasn't been able to sit down for more than 10 minutes without experiencing a ridiculous amount of pain. I think we're going to go tomorrow and I'm so excited.

I made sure I had my robes handy for crying. :D

Oh my gosh, poor Laci! I'd be dying if I had to wait that long...Friday felt like forever, knowing it had been out since midnight!

I brought tissues...and we were at a restaurant theater, so I had napkins, too!

yes yes! LOOKS LIKE HE SHOULD BE PLAYING CARDS IN VEGAS-- I am thinking hes some artifact from the 70s.

Cat scarf for the win.

The dancing bit, not bad, just not needed.

Death Eaters. I don't get into guyliner. Pisses me off that men can be more pretty than I am but I can't out alpha male them. I had hi hopes on hawt snatcher, but -meh- He's too fucken short. But Death eaters on teh hogwarts express, yes..

yaxley seems to be the smart death eaters, along with Snape.

Costume fail at the MOM, but acting win. So I agree with you.

Cat scarf- I so noticed the CAT SCARF. But I want one in black. =)

Oh god, the Death Eaters on the Hogwarts Express were awesome. I wish they had cursed Zacharias Smith. XD

“Omg, you can sit here so we can talk and possibly tickle each other during the meeting.”


I could totally get that impression from the two of them. I don't even completely understand why Voldy likes Snape so much, but there must be SOME reason...

Snape's hair did look fabulous, Lucius' looked icky, DID think the evil ones were hot as all hell...

I also loved Ron's little monologue about the little ball of light going through his heart to Hermione...so sweet ;P

I actually liked the dancing scene, because I think that Harry would try to cheer Hermione up with his..."dancing"...if you can call it such.

I'm personally rather upset that they took out Hermione's line about Harry looking much tastier than Crabbe or Goyle (Polyjuice in the beginning).

Also, Bill...Who? What? When? (Who knows? I don't.)

It was actually George with the toothbrush in his bandage, where his ear used to be. I loved that part.

I also love Xenophilius. He is so far out, and amazing!


I kind of wanted Hermione to actually PUNCH Ron like she did Malfoy in the 3rd, but I guess I'll have to live with her beating him with his bag.

And...is it just me, but is Danny Radcliffe naked A LOT in this one?

(And speaking of...ewww...locket...)

DERP! I cannot believe I typed FRED and not GEORGE. ARGH. *headdesk forever*

He is naked quite often, lol.

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