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Saturday Night's Passholder Event
hogwarts, wizarding world, wwohp
A few weeks ago I saw a post on the leaky rss feed about an exclusive passholder event at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I immediately RSVP'd. A week or so later I got something in the mail that mentioned the event, but I was glad I had already RSVP'd because they had closed off registration for it a few days earlier. Heather wasn't able to go because her dad was in town, and Michelle didn't RSVP in time so that left Tara and me. We met up in the Seuss Landing area and went to have dinner in the Jurassic Park area (their fries are the best and I don't care for much of the food at the Three Broomsticks).

After dinner we went back over to the wizarding world section and decided to ride Flight of the Hippogriff. As we were riding it, we noticed a large clump of people near one of the merchandise carts and decided to check it out. We asked someone and they told us it was the line for the exclusive pins and lanyards they were selling for the event. At that time it was only 7:30 and still 30 minutes until the park officially closed for the night. We waited in that line until about 9pm when we finally made our purchases!

As we were walking away from the cart a group of Hogwarts students walked past, two of them carrying giant toads on pillows. The Hogwarts choir! We followed them so we could see their show, and since Tara was in her Ravenclaw robes, everyone thought she was part of the group and moved out of our way, lol. We watched for a minute or two, but we really wanted to ride Forbidden Journey.

As we walked up to the castle we saw that that the wait time was only 10 minutes!! I've never ever ever seen it that low. We walked right in and through the castle and onto the ride. After riding it, we did it again! I can't believe Forbidden Journey was a walk-on. I imagine almost everyone else was buying pins or had left because they'd purchased their pins. We grabbed some butterbeer and our free posters and called it a night. It was really cool, and I so wish the park was that empty all the time.

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I love that pin!!!
It's so shiny!!!

I wish that I lived that close to what must be the coolest place on Earth!

I lived half an hour from Disneyland for seven years, and still have never been there.

Sounds like a blast! Love that pin!

Luckyyyy! I need a winter condo in Orlando, hell I'd settle for another timeshare now that Hosgmeade is there.

It really is awesome, especially at night. In the day it's pretty awesome, but at night it really comes alive.

We've only been once and WOW I didn't ever want to leave... they need to build us a Manor under the castle ;-)

omg so awesome!!! i can not wait till i can go see all this stuff

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