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doctor who: shaebay dalek
I am so tired and worn out right now, and if I could, I would totally call sick for work tomorrow. I'm actually kind of tempted to take Thursday as a personal day, but I know that it'll probably be pretty crazy, so I shouldn't.

I literally spent my weekend stitching. I am not caught up on twitter, tumblr, google reader, and LJ. On Saturday night (well Sunday morning, really) I only slept 4 hours, Sunday night I got 5 hours (yay!), and last night I only got 3 hours. It's currently 12:30am and I still have several more things I need to do before I can go to sleep. I'm at that point of exhaustion where I just want to cry and sleep. I think I'm going to be a risk taker and go to sleep now and try to wake up at my normal 5am (sometimes I pop right up and other mornings I don't even hear my alarm). I think tomorrow I won't do a single thing (except for about 5 or 6 machine embroidered shirts that I promised a couple of co-workers, damn it).

But tomorrow I will make my for real return to LJ. Let's just hope I can survive two more 11 hour days and that the weekend comes quick. If you are curious about the stitching that I did, you can either watch my TTMT video or wait for me to make the post when I can upload the pics to flickr.

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:( I hope you finally got some sleep.

I saw this and thought of you. It took me a second to get it...
You've Been Online Too Long When...
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but finally one word popped into my mind. Goatse.

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