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Yay Kinect!
iron chef
Rather than go to Orlando last night, I decided to have fun at Laci and Josh's house. We played scrabble and yahtzee, and after Josh went to bed Laci and I played with the Kinect.

aaaaand, here's me trying to be funny while Laci plays!

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I love the pics with you in the background... oh and the one with your boobs bouncing mid-air; that's adorable.

Yeah, I thought they were especially hilarious. :D

That's mah O Face

I find these pictures incredibly hot.

Ugh, speaking of things that make me kind of sick - apparently my brother-in-law was playing in his boxers the other day and forgot that it takes pictures, so while I was going to the place where you share the photos, there was an entire folder of him in almost nothing (and according to my sister there was a "slip" captured with the camera).

Ha, you obviously had a very good time!

*nods* It's awesome but really tiring. One of the things is an obstacle course type thing where you basically hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, side step one way, side step the other way, side step again, crouch down, jump, jump, hop, hop, extend arms and legs to reach all of the adventure gems, hop hop hop hop and repeat over and over again, lol.


We're thinking of getting this, is it better than the Wii?

It's very different from the Wii. Not having to hold a remote is neat, but as of right now there are far less games for kinect than for the Wii. But Kinect has a lot of possibility and while there is still the motion controlled stuff, there is still all of the cool stuff that goes along with the xbox.

That's what I was thinking ... thanks! We started looking because of the Michael Jackson dance game, but it looks like a real fun system overall.

OMG! That would make for some amazing photos, especially if Draco was in costume!!

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