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Mangergate2010 Update
himym: self five
Since I know you've all been waiting with bated breath, here's the work situation - the menorah is still in place on the whiteboard, but the janitor (who is VERY religious and actually has an annual pass to The Holy Land Experience) started other x-mas decorating in the office. Part of the decorations were a bunch of those tiny cheap stockings. He got some glitter glue and began to write names on them. One of them said "God" and my co-workers were saying it was a stocking for god and the baby jesus (yes, really). Well, I expressed my dismay on twitter and someone suggested I make a stocking that said "Goddess." So I did.

A few of the people in the office walked up to the front area where I and the other ladies in utility billing work and saw the goddess thing and laughed wondering who "Goddess" was (yes, really). I replied back with, "You know, how there are gods and goddesses. I figured if there was one for a god there should be one for a goddess as well."

I went on a break in the afternoon and came back to find that both the god and goddess stockings had disappeared. SUCCESS! So the key to eliminating religion in a workplace is to make your super religious co-workers uncomfortable with other religions until they take theirs down!

Also, just a note to any Doctor Who fans that also love teefury, there is a very awesome (and ridiculously scary) design up for today -

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Your bravery knocks my socks off. Go you!

Yay bravery, and lulz at someone having an annual pass to that theme park. The only reason I know about it is from watching Religulous, a documentary by Bill Mahr (or however his name is spelled). Lurved that movie, especially when he was debating with "Jesus" at the park.

I loooove that movie. That is the only way I've seen the inside of it. My friend, charming_goats used to live right across the street from it, so she used to hear their horrible choir music every single day. They put up so many lights during the holiday season, it's ridiculous.


Isn't it amazing? It's only available for 3 more hours, so if you haven't ordered it yet, you've only got a limited amount of time.

B) You live near that ridiculous park?! D: I too only know of it from Religulous, but honestly, a little part of me wants to go there one day just to mess with them and probably get thrown out. XD It's just ridic and scary and probably hilarious.
C) I blame you entirely for my newfound addiction to TeeFury. And I blame them for me spending all kinds of money that I shouldn't. XD

It's about an hour away from my house (and it's about 5 minutes from Universal). I really want to go, too. In order for them to remain in the tax bracket they're in they have a "free day" where the public can enjoy the park for one day for no cost (otherwise it's around $35). They tend to keep the free days kinda quiet, so I've only heard about one so far.

I cannot get enough of teefury. It seems I'm slowly replacing all of my normal shirts with teefury ones. :P

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