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Oh yeah...
So I just realized that I never posted recent cross stitch finishes to my LJ. I posted other places and showed them in my TTMT video (speaking of, if you want to watch them they are on my youtube channel), but didn't post here, mainly because my partner just received this weekend.

Poltergeist Cross Stitch

Peeves the Poltergeist Scan

I love this font!
Naughty, naughty, you'll get caughty

HP fans will recognize the quote, and I'm sure most of you recognize the movie cover, but if you do need an explanation, feel free to click through (my view count on photos is much more important to me than I let on) and read the description there. It was made as my piece for a Phat Quarter Swap.

In the swap you don't send to the person that sent to you, so I sent to a really awesome person I know through the stitchy community and I would be receiving from someone whose work I really love and admire. That's how it was supposed to work. The last time I talked to my swap partner was almost a month ago (when the send out date was), so I notified the person running the swap and my swap partner. Don't know if anything will come of it, but oh well. I've basically given up on it. It just bugs me because she even said in a message that she hates people that flake because she's a mod on craftster.


I also showed this in the ttmt video (btw, this is the one from 2 weeks ago, not the current or the last one). It was done as a favor to Julie of Subversive Cross Stitch, Jamie (Mr X Stitch), and Bridget.

Keep Calm and Marry On

and the back, because I am insanely proud of it!
Back of Keep Calm

I really didn't expect to get much out of it except to be mentioned on the SCS site, but I got an amazing amount of stuff (I'm sure you can guess which video blog it is in, and I promise this is the last time I mention it in this post!). I made copies of all of the patterns and then sent the rest out in the mail.</center>

And in work related news - all is well. I'm just ignoring and moving on from everything (even though they opened our annual holiday luncheon with a prayer) because I am too busy to care right now. The luncheon we had was AWESOME. Our normal workday goes from 7am-6pm and I usually take my lunch from 12-1. Instead of the normal lunch, we got to close the office from 12-2!! I thought it was going to be boring, but it was fantastic. We had some food, played some games (including one of the most hilarious instances of musical chairs I have ever seen), and just chatted.

I really didn't feel like an outsider at all and that was nice. Of course, we paid the price for being out of the office for 2 hours and spent the rest of the day catching up and staying 30 minutes later than normal. Oh! And as a bonus to my already good day - the computer in the back of the office I scan documents with (not my normal one) has been upgraded! It is so fast now. If only our normal computers could be upgraded. We have the only 4 computers in the entire office that haven't been because our peripherals aren't compatible. :P

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I really love your embroidery posts. The back of "keep calm" is mind-boggling, hon.

Your note about the office reminded me: did you get to see the Faux Deer post about Krampus erotica? fapfapfapfapfap

Gah, such beautiful, perfect work! LOVE, love, love.

wow, those are really cool!

I LOVE the royal wedding one :)

provides access

Very nice, gives me a lot of inspiration being right in the midst of a redesign. It’s all in the details and comment forms are definitely overlooked more often than not. Time well spent on this post.

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