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Laci's new puppy!
sabretooth nail
Yesterday my dad took my sister Laci on a drive to "get a gift for mom" and when they arrived she saw a lady walking a cute little boxer puppy and my dad told Laci, "Merry Christmas." Laci immediately started bawling (which made the lady selling the puppy bawl and that made my dad cry, too). Then when Laci got the puppy home, Josh started crying, too. And later, when I heard this story, I cried a bit too because I'm a sympathetic crier in the worst way. XD

And here's a video of him

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Ahhhhh, that is too sweet!

*waves* HI LACI!!!!!!

and the pupy is ADORABLE!!!

So handsome!!!!
I'm so happy for you, Laci!!!!!!!!!

Awwww....woobie woo!!!

*snuggles puppy*

(Oooh, hey, meant to mention I got your card!!! <3)

Boxers are great dogs, and yes, beyond adorable as puppies!

That last picture is just too much for words. :3 The freckles! The eyes! THE FRECKLES. :3

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