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Thank you!!
doctor who: shaebay dalek
Thanks to everyone that sent me holiday cards this year! I feel like I forgot to put a couple up, so I think tomorrow I'll probably find a small stack of cards (so if yours isn't in this picture, I'm sorry!)

Holiday Cards 2010

Tiny machine embroidered snowflakes on a simple card

My 2010 Holiday Cards

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thank you for the card! I did not get any sent this year, but I'm already more organized going into this next year than last year, so I have a good feeling about 2011.

have an awesome day!

I didnt do cards, but Merry Christmas! =D

Is that a Chocolate lab with the Christmas lights on that card????
That was on the cover of the Reader's Digest at my inlaws. took a picture of the cover :D
Awesome cards!

Thanks for your card. Not sure if mine to you arrived in time or not. I always look forward to your cards each year.

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