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x-mas loot
big bang theory: smiling sheldon
Yes, I'm a horrible person, but I do this every year

And what Laci gave me with the microsoft points -

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First of all...great haul!

Second of all... Ahhhhh! I love Laci's gift. Of course, you knew I would...

*nods* I'm not sure if she's mailed it yet or not, but I was super excited and I may have spazzed out when I saw the card. :D

Yay haul! I literally got lard in my stocking...

By the way, I didn't think your hair was long enough to put into a ponytail. Are you using the ponytail holders for pigtails or all over ponytails? :P

I took a picture of it earlier so I could show you (because I'm lame like that). It's a tiny little ponytail with a lot of my hair held back with a headband, and if I actually wanted it to work well I'd add some bobby pins or other clips to it. Ponytails are just for times when I'm cleaning or otherwise need my hair away from my face (which is almost never).

image here

Ah, it's grown longer than I thought! :P

Oh yes. It's at a good length now, so in about a month I'll get it trimmed again. Nothing as short as the nightmare haircut that I got in July.

This doesnt make you horrible. it makes you blessed!

I dont understand some of the stuff on the list.

Microsoft points...LOL

Oh, yeah, that wouldn't make sense to many people. It's basically the currency with the xbox. So say I buy $20 in microsoft points (1600 points) and I can go onto my xbox and pay 300 points to rent a movie or 800 points to buy a game, or if you're silly like me, spend 500 points on a broom and a cauldron for my online avatar. :D

Ahh. I don't game. But thanks for the info!

A 360 that's awesome ! Cool stuff! When I get my xbox running we need to play!

Oh definitely! Having friends on xbox is cool (and not just because I get to "spy" on them and see what they're playing/watching).

Also, I totally forgot to talk about the awesome stitchy books in my talk to me tuesday. I WILL talk about them. It took me a while because I had set them in a very deliberate place (right under my camera so I wouldn't forget to mention them). I suck hardcore. :P

I miss video games. We only have a PS2. I think that its time to upgrade!

I used to have a PS2 (well, I still have it, but I haven't played on it in at least a year). It's a good system. <3

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