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Tiny top hat
doctor who: shaebay dalek
This post is mainly about a crafty item I finished a few hours ago, but first I want to talk about soreness. As in, holy crap, I played Dance Central for at least 5 hours yesterday and now I'm sore as all hell. Of course, I'm really stupid, and the second I'm done posting this, I'll be going back to play again. Aaaaaanyway, I made a tiny top hat with this design from Urban Threads and it is adorable. I even went out of the house like this. :D

Me in a tiny top hat

Tiny Top Hat

Wasn't ready when the timer went off, lol

Seriously need a haircut, this shows how wonky my cut was last time

Obligatory hands on hips pose

I wanted to stand by this dead tree but the wind was blowing hair into my eyes and then I got poked in the face by a stupid branch

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I think it'd be fun to make this hat for 1776 night, but it's too big for my machine. :P

How about those as crafts for all of us? LOL

You're adorable. So is that hat. And that dress.

Aww, thank you! I've had the dress for a few years, but I think that was only the second time I've ever worn it. :P

That is an awesome hat. WHEN'S IT GONNA BE ON ETSY. That dress is hot.

Hahaha, never. It is 100% mine (waaaaaaaaaay too much work went into it), but I know that a few sellers do sell the same hat, but a lot of the thread choices are HORRIBLE.

VERY cute!!! And cute dress!!

(Deleted comment)
Yours is cute, though tiny top hats fill me with inexplicable rage.

very cute hat! You did it with the embroidery machine? too cool!

Yep! I just downloaded the pattern, my machine stitched all of the individual parts and I sewed them together. :D

That, that is pretty darn cool.

I love all your tattoos! They are perfect with that dress, and the hat to match!

I must have been blind to miss this post. So cute!!

*begin suck-up mode*
Remember a few months ago when you sent me that cross-stitch program? Well I had to reformat my comp and lost it. Any chance you still have it lying around?

Whoops, sorry. I meant to reply to this earlier. Sure I can send it. Did I email it to you originally?

No worries. I'm hardly on the net on the weekends. :)

Yup. My email is my LJ user name at gmail.com
Thanks hon!

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