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*pokes head in*
doctor who: shaebay dalek

So, umm, Imma try and get back into using LJ. I miss it and everyone desperately. Every single day I feel guilty about not being caught up. Rather than try to go back, I'm just going to go forward and get back into the groove of things. I need to make time for this place again because it's important.

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Hey, have you added me here on my new journal yet? :p

pip xo

No, what's your new lj?

Just this one I'm on, I don't think you've friended me back :p

things have been proper and boring without you. Looking forward to slightly wrong things being posted on LJ again :D

lol, I'll make sure to do something similar. :D

you should do what i do: copy-pasta some tumblr posts to lj. i find i'll start typing on tumblr and realize that all the details i want to add are better suited for lj. so like, tumblr is the quick version of a post, which gets expanded on lj. i also like posting my tumblr pix over on lj.

I've had that dilemma before. I wanted to post something, but it didn't fit on tumblr (because I knew it was LJ post material), so I just didn't post it at all.

YAY! Me, too. I miss you guys sooo much. Getting closer to having some time. Maybe this week.

Days need to be so much longer, I swear. I need more time to do all of the things I want.

Firstly, I love auto-correct on smartphones!

Secondly, you should come back! I totally get it about not being able to go back and get caught up. I've had to do that before. You should just jump back in, I've missed having you around!

Ugh, what the hell. I swear I fixed it at least 4 times and told it not to detect my location. *shakes fist at ipad*

Currently jumping!! :D

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