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Magic and Awesome and Alchohol

Today was absolutely beyond everything! I woke up at 5:30 (after going to sleep at 2:15ish) and got my stuff together to head to Orlando. I got there and charming_goats and I went to Universal. I cried through the entire movie, fyi. The official plan was to go to Universal and ride a couple of rides, but instead we walked through the park and didn't want to wait more than ten minutes for any ride, so we just left and took the boat to the hotel where Leakycon and the ascendio meeting was taking place.

Since we had a few hours to kill, we decided to roam and see who we ran into. We saw Tara, who informed me I was in the Leakycon Yearbook. They took This picture and this picture from my flickr photo stream without credit. I don't mind all that much since it is pretty neat, but weird at the same time (also, ofenjen and hp5freak made an appearance in there).

After roaming a bit, we decided to go to tchoup chop and start drinking. We each had a few drinks and then went back to the conference area. kimberly_elf walked by and we got to talk for a bit. She saw I was in the book and offered to get Heather and I yearbooks. The time was not in our favor and we had to head out. I stopped as I saw josee_madalia and we talked with her for a bit. I told her what Kimberly was doing and to tell her that we had to go to the meeting that we had come for, so she went to go get us the yearbooks. Rather than just the books, Kimberly was going to set us up with the whole awesome messenger and goody bag with potterific 3D glasses (pictured above). It was amazingly awesome and I cannot thank those two ladies enough!!

We hurried to the Ascendio meeting where we had some amazing margaritas (margaritas by the pitcher = love) and talked Potter and other geekly things. It was around 5:45 that I realized I was a bit drunk. Tara, Heather,and I decided to go to the Vendor's room to see if they had any awesome stuff; there wasn't much, so it was just a quick walk through the room. Tara had to go so we decided to sit and hang out. Some girl asked us where the nerdfighter gathering was and I had no clue. A second after she left I headed in the direction that she had gone and stepped I to one of the formal programming rooms where Hank Green was talking and performing. I stayed for about 40 or so minutes until it was kind of meh and filled with teen screaming. We headed out t a shuttle and after a battle with the rain, we made it to the car.

All in all it was a great day filled with random and awesome things. I think I am gonna find some dinner and attempt to sober up, lol.

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Pansy has a drink for you!


I got a pair of those glasses at the sneak preview, aren't they fun?

So are you helping to plan next year's convention, is that what the ascendio meeting was?

I'm most likely going to be helping out with decorations like I did at Infinitus. The meeting was supposed to be about that, but it was more fun and Potter than planning. :D

I'm so happy for you! We've been listening to interviews from Leakycon on XM Radio all weekend. Yesterday, I spent three hours on the road with my daughter, and at one point, I asked her a question and she politely shhhhhed me because she was listening to the radio. I've never seen her listen to anything but music.
What a fun time, huh?

Oh, that's interesting! I didn't know they were even doing anything like that.

Um, what?! I had no idea they were using my picture (that's the one I took for Craft Corps, btw). Seriously, folks, we used to work there, at least give us a head's up, right? I mean it's cool...but still.

I'm glad your awesome day was awesome. I've missed my HP friends so hardcore the last few days.


Your reaction was mine EXACTLY. I was all thrilled, but seriously, you could have asked, you know? Especially since they came from my own personal flickr. I could understand if they were taken by someone else and had nowhere to credit, but yeah...

I'm really, really not happy about this. I've had a couple of photos appear in other books and I was not only asked for my permission, but I signed release forms. I would have absolutely given them permission...if they had asked.

There is also fan art on that same page, and I wonder if they contacted the artists for permission. It's kinda sad though, for such a large and nicely bound book, there is a surprising lack of programming actually in there. Probably 10 pages, max. :P

I am going to inquire about the book. I am not happy that my pics were used without permission. I'm a very sharing kind of girl, but I like the courtesy of being asked. I wonder how many other people this happened to?

I imagine anyone that appears in the book. If they're not going to ask permission to use one or two pics, chances are they didn't ask about any pics.

I'm sorry, I'm a fan of Leaky, but I never signed anything saying they could publish my photos anywhere. That's just uncool.

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